NCA Resources

North Central Association Resources

NCA CONSTITUTION NCA Constitution – Amended Oct, 2014 (pdf)

PASTOR SABBATICALS Sabbatical Guidelines

NCA WOMEN’S MINISTRY CONSTITUTION NCA Women’s Ministry Constitution (pdf)

NCA SCHOLARSHIP FUND NCA Scholarship Application Form (pdf)

NCA SALARY GUIDELINES Note: on xlsx files, you may need to “save to link” and then open from your computer

Salary Guideline Worksheet 2015 (xlsx)

2015NCASalaryGuidelines-Sr Pastor (pdf)

2015NCASalaryGuidelines-Pastoral Staff (pdf)

2015NCASalaryGuidelines-Resources (pdf)

NCA Sabbatical Guidelines  (pdf)

NCA STATISTICAL REPORT FORM Click here to access form

(It will be automatically sent to the NCA Statistical Secretary)


2011 NCA Annual Report  (pdf)

2012 NCA Annual Report

2012 NCA Treasurer’s Report 2012 NCA Statistical Report

2013 NCA Annual Report

2018 NPR Weekly Prayer

Prayer Ministry of the Week