The Northern Plains Region is affiliated with the North American Baptist Conference of churches.

The  North American Baptist Conference began and grew out of a strong desire to see lives changed through Christ's love.  This family of churches focuses on doing God's work through: making new disciples, praying, training new leaders, working together, caring and giving.
Because of the commitment, dedication and sacrifice of our founding church leaders and those that followed, the NAB Conference has grown into a family of churches representing many cultures and heritages throughout Canada and the United States. Today, you will hear Cambodian, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, Korean, Russian, Portuguese and many other languages. The NAB Conference is a family with: over 400 churches, 75,000 church attenders, 64,000 members, nearly 3,000 new believers annually and more than 2,300 baptisms in a year.