Hi, I’m Randy Jaspers. I serve as the Regional Minister for the NAB churches of the Northern Plains Region, which are the 17 churches of the Manitoba Baptist Association and the 33 churches of the NCA is North Central Association. I want to tell you what’s been happening in this past year. We may think that nothing’s been happening, but that’s farthest from the truth.

I serve pastors and leaders, and then by extension churches. In Manitoba we have two brand new pastors in Morris and Seven Sisters Falls. We have a new pastor who’s serving as an interim in Moosehorn. We have a new chaplain at Meadowood Manor, Whyte Ridge added a staff person and we have a couple of churches looking for pastors.

In the NCA, five churches, Dickinson, and Mercer and Herreid and Eureka and Venturia have new pastors. Martin will be welcoming a pastor very soon. We have three churches that are also looking for pastors, but we also have a brand new ministry in this area that began with White Cross. Now it’s not new to us, but it’s new to this area. So the entire US Location for White Cross is located in Bismarck, overseen by Century Baptist.

And then there’s Missio church, the newest church of our association and region in Bismarck, their missional communities are multiplying and they’ve had outreaches since last summer. And just recently have begun meeting for worship once a, month for public worship once a month.

I mentioned I work with pastors, I want to encourage you to encourage, in particular, your pastor. I’m reminded of the story in Exodus chapter 17, where the Israelites are in battle against the Amalekites. Joshua’s leading the charge, but up on the Hill is Moses and he’s holding the staff of God above his head. We read in the scripture that as his arms are held up the Israelites prevail, but when they grow tired and begin to sink, then the Amalekites gained the upper hand. What happens then, we read, is that Aaron and Hur come on either side to help Moses hold up the staff of God, to help hold up his hands. That’s my invitation to you. That’s my encouragement to you that you find a way, that you ask: ‘how may I hold your hands up?’ to your pastor, to your leaders and that together they might lead your church.

God bless you for the things that you’re doing and in being a part of what God is doing in your city, in your town, in your region. Remember it is the gospel of Jesus Christ, the crucified, risen, coming again, Savior that we preach and that we share. God bless you.