Few of us remember drive-in movies, but drive-in worship is the current offering at Cornerstone Community Church in Harvey, ND. People sit in their vehicles in the parking lot, while Pastor Jeff Blomquist preaches using a low-power FM transmitter tied into the sound system.


“I found one on Ebay for $120. Typically this kind of transmitter would be used in a school or to play Christmas music for people driving by your house to look at Christmas lights.” Jeff’s wife, Pam, read an article (on-line, of course) about churches using this method.

“We were hoping we wouldn’t have to put up with high winds or a rain storm,” comments Jeff. He and others participating do so outside where people can see them. “We’ve had to work out a few technical issues, but the Sunday after Easter has been our largest attendance, so far.” Pastor Jeff greets the people as they slowly file by in their vehicles.