Community Connection: South Central High School

South Central High School is an alternative school in Bismarck ND that works with students that might otherwise fall through the cracks.

Many of the students at SCHS struggle with major issues beyond what you’d typically find in a ‘normal’ high school. This means that the staff and teachers at SCHS are often tasked with more than merely teaching and this extra workload can take its toll.

This is where Century Baptist Church comes in. Century Baptist has come along side the staff of SCHS providing lunches, support and a listening ear.

“it’s good to have that support from the community, and feel like we’re not in this alone, and there’s somebody out there who’s got our back, and so that’s one of the functions of century baptist fills for us.” – Joe Kalvoda Principal.

Century Baptist’s support is more than simply meals. When a student suicided in SCHS’s building last year, Century Baptist came alongside the staff to help them walk through the tragedy and grieve the loss.

As their principal shares in the video above, without the support of Century Baptist and other community organizations South Central High School would not be able to keep their doors open and meet such an important need in their community.